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If you are 55 years old or a Veteran, we will List your house for a discounted 1% listing commission. We also offer “List for Free When you Buy from Me” Program!  You save all the way around!

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We Manage Every Home Like It Is Our Own!! We’re so confident that you will be a happy customer because of our hard work and dedication, we offer the first Thirty Days of Management FREE!

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Diversified Property Services was created in 2004 and has evolved into a multi-faceted Real Estate company, based on our own life Real Estate experiences.  We have owned rental properties, sold homes that we lived in, and experienced loss of loved ones.  We have incorporated this knowledge into our business to provide you the most cost effective answers to your Real Estate needs.  Although we are not the biggest Real Estate brokerage around, we have a more intimate relationship with each and every one of our customers!

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We perform all aspects of Elder Transitioning and Downsizing, including the disposition of property, preparation of home for sale and Discounted Listing of Home for sale with Full Service!

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